We foster publications that meet our mission statement.

Mission Statement: Helping people live in harmony with their environment


We offer the following books for sale:

Using Honey in New & Savory Ways, 3/2020, Tierra del Sol Press
Butterfly Gardening for Southern Arizona, 2/2019, Tierra del Sol Press
Success With Succulents: A Guide for Southern Arizona, 02/2013, Tierra del Sol Press
Father Kino’s Herbs: Growing Them & Using Them Today, 2/2011, Tierra del Sol Press.   Note: this book was one of the ALA 2012 Southwest Books of the Year and is currently out of print.  We have a few copies left.

We also carry these books by our Director, Dr. Jacqueline Soule
Gardening Complete (co-author – 4 chapters), 2/18, Cool Springs Press
Month by Month Guide to Gardening in the Southwest, 12/16, Cool Springs Press
Fruit and Vegetable Gardening in the Southwest, 6/14, Cool Springs Press

And this book by Volunteer Matthew Johnson
Cacti, Other Succulents, and Unusual Xerophytes of Southern Arizona, 2004, U. of Arizona

Locally Available

Currently many of these publications are available at these places:

Antigone Bookstore
Boyce Thompson Arboretum
Casa Grande National Monument
Mostly Books
Native Seeds/SEARCH Store
Organ Pipe National Monument
Rillito Nursery
Tohono Chul Park
Tubac Presidio State Park
Tucson Botanical Gardens
Tumacacori National Historical Park
Western National Parks Association Bookstore


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Father Kino’s Herbs: Growing and Using Them Today







Southwest Fruit & Vegetable Gardening









Month by Month Garden Guide for AZ, NV, & NM