Books that meet our mission statement – Helping people live in harmony with their environment.

Many of these are written by Dr. Jacqueline A. Soule. These are the books currently available.


What the Reviewers are saying about Jacqueline’s writing:

“(Soule) offers advice liberally but without judgment, urging gardeners of all experience levels to give themselves a break when something doesn’t grow the way they’d hoped.” – Su Casa Magazine

“Soule’s book is chock full of colorful photos, as well as helpful graphs and charts, that can motivate and educate any gardener.” – Tucson Lifestyle Magazine

About This Book Store

SOON! This will be set up so that you can purchase these books from us! We will ship the books via the US Postal Service within roughly 2 business days. If you wish Dr. Soule will sign the books, or even inscribe them to you. We are going to try to set this up so we can ship gifts as well.

Currently the books are available on Amazon. You can use the link to Amazon.  If you do, we get a few pennies at no additional cost to you. You can also purchase the books locally at Antigone Bookstore, Mostly Books, Rillito Nursery, and some of them are at Tucson Botanical Gardens and Tohono Chul Park.

Southwest Fruit & Vegetable Gardening – Book now in its 5th printing!

soule-books-gardeningFrom the review: “This book will help you learn how to grow fruits & vegetables in the cool seasons and the warm seasons in the gardens of the five major climactic zones of the Southwest.  Jacqueline grows many of the plants discussed in the book in her own yard.”
Read Elena Acoba’s full review of this book that appeared in the Arizona Daily Star – here.


SW Fruit & Vegetables Available on Amazon




Month-by-Month Gardening in Arizona, Nevada & New Mexico – popular book with homeowners

soule-books-gardening“What you need to know how to do each month to have a great garden all year! The book includes monthly sections to help you plant, care and water your edibles, roses, trees, shrubs, and even lawns.

This book was featured in the Arizona Daily Star article – here.

Month by Month Available on Amazon



Father Kino’s Herbs: Growing & Using Them Today

soule-books-gardeningA selection of herbs grown in the regions mission gardens of Father Kino’s time. Includes 25 native herbs and 25 introduced European herbs, with information on how to grow, harvest, and use them in your garden.  Researched with a full bibliography and index.

Out of print! Jacqueline has less than 100 copies left.

Father Kino’s Herbs Available on Amazon

“Award-winning garden writer Jacqueline A. Soule has pulled together a fascinating book on the life of Father Eusebio Francisco Kino and some of the plants that he brought (here) to the Pimeria Alta. Father Kino and the Jesuits introduced some Old World herbs (to our region).” {review by Carolyn Neithammer, shortened for brevity}


Butterfly Gardening for Southern Arizona

soule-books-gardening“Introduction to butterfly gardening, plus gardening in the Southwest in general.  The flat out best butterfly plant list you can find for the region. Book features both adult and larval plants -fantastic!  No pretty pictures but for only 6$ well worth the price of admission.”

Butterfly Gardening Available on Amazon


Success With Succulents in Southern Arizona

soule-books-gardening“Selecting and planting succulents for your Southern Arizona garden plus pests, and diseases.  Lovely gallery of landscape succulents ranging from Agave to Yucca. A handy book for any Southwestern gardener.”


Success With Succulents Available on Amazon


Using Honey in New and Savory Ways

soule-books-honeyby Jacqueline Soule and Beekeeper Monica King

A slender volume packed with 30 delightful recipes!  Recipes include: Honey Crisp Chicken, Sonoran Cabbage Salad, Jicama Delight, and more!  Like the title says – this is not about baking sweet treats – it is about enhancing food flavors with honey.

This book is brand new and we need someone to write us a review.  Will you be the first?!

Using Honey Available on Amazon





Gardening Complete

Jacqueline wrote 4 chapters in this book.

What the reviewers say: “Gardening Complete is the most up-to-date and complete guide to gardening for homeowners. Inside, eight of North America’s top gardening experts—and Cool Springs Press authors—present 19 subjects of critical interest to anyone who wants to learn or broaden gardening skills. Success in your yard and garden awaits you with the help of Gardening Complete.”


Gardening Complete Available on Amazon



Cacti, Other Succulents, and Unusual Xerophytes of Southern Arizona

By Matthew B. Johnson, Program Supervisor for the Desert Legume Program.

“A great guide to put in your back pocket when you go out hiking.  Wonderful and highly useful photos and descriptions of our fascinating native succulents (and unusual xerophytes.”


Cacti & Xerophytes on Amazon





Landscape Plants for the Arizona Desert


Note – this book was written mostly by Jacqueline A. Soule.  For political reasons, the author name was published as “Tierra del Sol.”  We are eternally grateful to Dr. Soule for this shout out.

Dr. Soule reminds readers – this booklet is written for the Arizona LOW Desert.  This can be used across the entire Southwest if you pay strict attention to the minimum temperatures the plants will endure.