Tierra del Sol means “Land of the Sun,” and that certainly applies to our service area.

We are a Tucson-based nonprofit that offers

Horticulture Therapy outreach programs in area assisted living homes,

plus publications that meet our mission statement.


Rebuilding This Site

Covid-19 thankfully spared us but we were attacked by an insidious treat on another front – online.  Hackers got in and destroyed our website.  We are using money that had been budgeted for Horticulture Therapy outreach programs to rebuild the site.  We hope that we will get sufficient donations to make up the shortfall. (Not the way to run a business – non-profit or other!)


We believe that hackers may have gotten in to our site through the donation app we installed.  Sadly – when they couldn’t find the money they burned the house to the ground.  Due to this potential problem we now only accept donations through our Facebook page and programs like Giving Tuesday (Tuesday after Thanksgiving), and through Arizona Gives (4/4 each year), and by good old fashioned checks in the mail.

Another Way to Donate to Tierra del Sol Institute

We are a registered vendor with Amazon.  If you purchase any of the books we offer on our Books page, we will get a few pennies – at no additional cost to you.

We are also a registered charity with Amazon Smile.  If you select us as your Smile charity – then every purchase you make on Amazon gets us a few pennies – again at no cost to you.  Just be sure to select Tierra del Sol Institute.  There is a school with a similar name.

Thank you.